Flights of Fancy

Flights of Fancy, an original oil painting by artist Janet Kruskamp shows an incredibly packed bird store with every type of bird available, even a penguin waddling along the floor. Birds sit outside in cages intermingled with wild birds eating and drinking from a birdbath. a big blue and yellow parrot sits on a stand with a hand written sign under saying For Sale One Noisy Bird! Birds in cages are everywhere, the shelves inside the shop are packed, the display window holds a large cage with yellow, blue, green, white and orange little birds whele a bright red, yellow and blue parrot sits on the roof above the door next to a white cockatiel. Count the number of birds, I dare you! Another beautiful painting of an exterior scene available directy from the artist Janet Kruskamp at studio prices.
Flights of Fancy

18" x 24"
Original Oil on Canvas

Plus Shipping & Handling

© 2016 Janet Kruskamp
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Original oils & acrylics, if not framed, are also stretched on wooden "stretcher bars" ready for framing.  See all information under each painting.
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