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Launch Yourself Into Life is another poster from painter Janet Kruskamp featuring a dirt bike with rider. This rider, dressed in white leathers with yellow and black trim and matching helmet and boots, is airborn with the back wheel spinning and the front wheel high off the ground. The text LAUNCH Yourself Into LIFE is written behind the bike and rider on the light green mottled background. The orange bike carries the stylized number plate on the side with the number 3. The rider is braced like a jockey, standing on the pegs, leaning forward in classic position for a jump. This original oil painting by artist Janet Kruskamp is available as an original oil or acrylic on canvas painting by the artist.
Launch Yourself

Original Acrylic on Canvas
28"x22"   $600

© 2016 Janet Kruskamp
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Original oils & acrylics, if not framed, are also stretched on wooden "stretcher bars" ready for framing.  See all information under each painting.
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