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Lights, Camera, Action is an exciting part of the new vintage movie posters collection by Janet Kruskamp. This wonderful poster incorporates a number of items led off by the strip of motion picture film curving across from the lower left to the upper right corner. The word HOLLYWOOD is spelled out in black vintage letters inside the frames of the film. An early hand-cranked movie camera with brass fittings sits on a sturdy wooden four legged stand. A black and white clapper sits in the lower right corner ready to mark the beginning of the scene. The words LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION proceed down from the top of this vintage looking poster, each larger than the one above until ACTION is going across the bottom and onto the clapper.
Lights, Camera, Action

Original Acrylic on Canvas
24"x24"   $750

Plus Shipping & Handling

© 2016 Janet Kruskamp
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