Wyatt Earp Post Office Earp CA

The squat block building of the Post Office in Earp, California, sits in front of the beginning of a sunset, the light blue sky painted with wispy orange clouds. A Boot Hill style graveyard next to the building is fenced off by a split rail fence on the rocky ground. The front window reflect the parking lot and the front of a white truck. The side wall of the post office has a fading outdoor mural in the upper left corner. A drawing of Wyatt Earp is attached to the front of the building next to the official blue sign with the eagle USPS logo. Small scrub bushes dot the landscape around the building.
Wyatt Earp Post Office (Earp, CA)

18" x 24"
Original Oil on Canvas Framed

Plus Shipping & Handling

© 2016 Janet Kruskamp
Site Construction by Ken Jackson

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